Web Design & Branding
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Hi there, I’m Cristiana! As a freelance web designer with a business and marketing background, I help tech companies and startups create more impact through clear design and professional branding.

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A clear, well-tested web design process

A new website is an investment. As any successful business, you need to make sure you get more than what you put in. This is why a clear, goal-driven web design process is essential.

Step 1
Strategy workshop

Before jumping into design, we’ll spend time analysing your business and the unique challenges you’re facing. This workshop includes a competitive analysis, brand personality & positioning, creating customer stories.

Step 2
Design, testing and coding

With clear business goals mapped out, it’s time to for the magic to happen. The journey goes from wireframes, to help establish clear hierarchy and navigation, to interactive prototypes to test ideas early and often, to pixel perfect designs and to code that’s ready to put on a live server for everyone to see.

Step 3
Continuous improvement

By monitoring the website performance after launch, we validate earlier decisions and discover new opportunities to continuously improve the client experience.

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