Immersive product renders, 360 views and 3D animations for the green and clean tech industries

Supercharge your marketing with 3D animations and photorealistic product renders.

Hey there, I'm Cristiana. I help clean tech companies succeed.

As a 3D artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam, I partner with startups and scale-ups in the high tech and clean tech industries, creating high-quality photo-realistic 3D product renderings and animations for marketing, branding, and pre-visualization purposes.

And in the process, I try to help my clients transform the way old industries work to create a positive impact to the planet.

Showcase new products and technologies in clear, engaging ways.

Does your product use new technologies or innovative materials to solve complex problems? It can be challenging to explain to clients and investors how it all works.  

By using 3D graphics and animations in your marketing materials, you can show how your product works from every angle and showcase your product to potential investors before production even starts.

Hear what my clients have to say.

“We are very grateful working with Cristiana. She managed to translate our rather technical ideas into something very unique that provides the foundation for a strong branding. It empowers people to participate and work with us. ”
Petra Beris
Founder @ TransitionHero
“Cristiana does not need much of a briefing, is very efficient, creative and her way of working suits us very well. She is one of the nicest people to work with and easy communicate with, as a manager of a lean marketing team I see 84colors as a true extension of the team"
Maikel Bouricius
CCO @ Asperitas
“I have worked with Cristiana on several projects. Cristiana demonstrated that she is able to convert input of all sorts into designs that convey identity and brand messaging spot-on. What stands out for me is that the work is not done until she herself is satisfied with the result.”
Walter van der Scheer
CMO @ GoDataDriven
“Cristiana combines excellent technical knowhow with creativity and feeling for design. She is patient and flexible, making an effort to really understand her clients needs, and has a structured approach.”
Andrés Torres Salvador
Founder @ RadicleCrops