Zenz Technologies

Identifying the goals

Zenz Technologies is an Amsterdam based software company that provides some of the world’s largest companies advanced decision support systems solutions.

Their existing website hasn’t been updated in years and years, and, among other issues, didn’t provide much information about their team and services and didn’t help build customer trust. It was definitely time for a refresh.

I sat down with the team to get to know them and their business better and to help uncover what challenges they face.

What doesn’t work in current website

  • Difficult to update content
  • Outdated visual style erodes trust
  • Website lacks any useful information about the team and services they offer
  • Navigation structure doesn’t reflect the team’s process and current offering

What works in current website

  • Not much, really.

User profile Pain points

  • Unproven impact of proposed solutions
  • Bad match with team
  • Inflexible products, not fit for their particular business
  • Unsure if expertise matches requirements

User profile Needs

  • Flexible solution, made to their business needs
  • Learn about the team and their approach
  • Assurance that the software has the intended results

Designing the solution

Because the existing website didn’t provide a lot of info about what exactly Zenz Technologies was doing, I spent some time to learn about their field, check out competing businesses and then explored different content approaches with some basic wireframes.

The goal was to highlight some of their most requested services and distinguishing features and reinforce their efficiency with logos and testimonials of past customers.

Selecting the typography

For the headers I chose a Grotesquese sans-serif called Work Sans. It’s a font family specifically optimized for screens and, at large sizes and heavy weights, has a nice, sturdy character. It also reminded me a bit of monospace fonts used in programming.

The body text is set in Roboto, another sans-serif, but with a more narrow width and a more technical look. This was a great choice to keep the long blocks of text a manageable size, while still maintaining readability.


Color scheme

As part of the redesign I also tweaked the company colors and logo a bit, by moving away from the redish tints that give the feeling of error or danger, especially in a chart-type graphic.


Custom icons and graphics

Given the nature of their software, connecting multiple datapoints to create a network of data that supports everyday decisions, I got the idea of the interconnected points pretty early on. I carried the same idea to the icons I designed.


The finished design


Build, test and launch

The new website runs on a custom WordPress backend that has been streamlined to ease adding new features, testimonials and services. All customizations are also compatible with any future plugin or core WordPress updates, so the site will remain secure in the future.


“We were in an urgent need of a new website and could really use some help with that. Cristiana turned out to be that help! Although we had a bit of an idea of what the website should look like, Cristiana really challenged us on our ideas and came up with something great that we would not have come up with ourselves. She worked in a very organized way that assured room for change without extending the implementation duration.

Also after implementation, Cristiana turned out to be easy to reach for questions and small changes. The end-product is a nice-looking, flexible and SEO-ready professional website. We’ll surely reach out to Cristiana for any future website design work.”

Timo van Donselaar Zenz Technologies


  • UX/UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end development
  • Backend development

Project type

  • WordPress
  • Business presentation website
  • Illustrations, icons


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