Identifying the goals

Copper8 is one of the most innovative sustainability consultancy agency in the Netherlands. The young, dynamic team enjoys taking challenges head on and their work is proven to have a long lasting impact for both their clients and the industry. Their existing website however was quite far of conveying the professional and market-leader status the people at Copper8 deserved.

I met several times with the team to learn more about their work, their clients, their competition and to get to know their team better and what sets them appart from any other consultancy team out there.

I then turned this info into actionable goals for the new website that acted as guidelines in the research, design and development stages that followed.

What doesn’t work in current website

  • Difficult to update content
  • Outdated visual style erodes trust
  • Content not user friendly, not easy to scan
  • Navigation structure is confusing

What works in current website

  • Memorable design (if not for the right reasons)
  • Engaging content in the articles section
  • Industry impact section
  • Eco-mode shows sustainability commitment

User profile Pain points

  • Unproven impact of proposed solutions
  • Bad match with team
  • Unsure if expertise matches requirements

User profile Needs

  • Learn about impact, read testimonials
  • Read about team, approach, personality
  • Detailed explanation of services offered

Designing the solution

One of the main issues with the existing website was that, while it contained several blocks of useful content, they were scattered in seemingly random spots throughout the website. Also, every page shared pretty much the same layout, adding to the confusion. I started by separating different content types into their own individual pages and creating custom templates for each page, highlighting their specific content.


For the headers I chose a geometric, soft sans-serif called Muli. It was a great match for the existing logo and it’s big open letters communicated the transparency and openness that the Copper8 team lives by.

The body text is set in Roboto, another sans-serif, but with a more narrow width and a more technical look. This was a great choice to keep the long blocks of text a manageable size, while still maintaining readability.


Color scheme

As part of the redesign I also tweaked the company colors a bit, by moving away from the yellow spectrum more towards a subtle blueish tone. This was done to give the brand a slightly more corporate and modern feel.


Finished design and interactions


Build, test and launch

The new website runs on a custom WordPress backend that has been streamlined to make adding new projects, team members and new articles as easy as possible. All customizations are also compatible with any future plugin or core WordPress updates, so the site will remain secure in the future.

“Cristiana managed to create a fantastic new online identity for our company. She is proactive, creative and professional. I would highly recommend working with her!”

Cecile van Oppen Copper8


  • UX/UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-end development
  • Backend development

Project type

  • WordPress
  • Business presentation website
  • Illustrations, icons


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