Flexible portfolio showcase for a VR production company

Visit website - www.wemakevr.com
Role: UX & UI designer, Frond-end developer, WordPress developer

Problem: page templates are not flexible enough to properly showcase VR projects

WeMakeVR is one of the leading VR agencies in the Netherlands. The company creates immersive VR experiences, presentations, they even designed their own VR camera. The problem was that their portfolio website had a rigid template structure that didn’t allow them to properly showcase their VR work and was under-performing compared to competitors.

Objective: create a new, goal-driven, flexible website

To achieve this objective, I designed new templates for each major page in the website, keeping in mind the intended content. The redesigned portfolio showcase page included new functionality like 360 video, photo galleries for behind-the-scenes shots, client testimonials, links to awards, cameras used and other project details.


Process: discovering user goals, wireframing, prototyping and visual design

Wireframing and visual design. A website can only be successful if it contains information that addresses customer questions and needs. Starting the design process with wireframes allows focus on the content instead of visual design. After the basic structure was set in place, I explored color and typography options.

styleguide software company website design

Refining the user flow. A good user flow progressively builds user trust and encourages conversions by anticipating potential questions, painpoints and providing social proof just before the final CTA.

wireframe software company website design

Creating an unique mobile experience. Interactive 360 video footage in the header responds to user interaction like tapping or phone movement and creates an immersive visual experience.

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