New professional look for a sustainability company

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Role: UX & UI designer, Frond-end developer, WordPress developer

Problem: an outdated website with confusing navigation and single-template layout hurts credibility and user-experience

Copper8, a Dutch market-leading sustainability agency, had a big problem: the amateurish look of their website was was not at all suited for a professional consulting agency. The structure of the website was confusing, with many pieces of content randomly spread across the website, case studies were just walls of text with no visual interest or connected story and the impact meter that they use to quantify a project’s success was unclear.

Objective: a goal driven website with professional, top-noch design and clear navigational structure

I started off by evaluating the content of the website, keeping the valuable parts and reshaping them into story-driven, single purpose pages. The navigation structure was simplified and renamed so each page has a clear name and purpose. Working with a copywriter, the content was entirely rewritten and formatted to better suit online reading habits - using shorter paragraphs, broken up by headlines and made visually interesting by inserting relevant images. I added several animations effects and micro-interactions to enhance the user experience.


Process: discovering user goals, wireframing, prototyping and visual design

Wireframing and visual design. I revised the color scheme and typography to create a more professional setting, while still maintaining the openness and friendliness the team was known for.

styleguide software company website design

Refining the user flow. A good user flow progressively builds user trust and encourages conversions by anticipating potential questions, pain-points and providing social proof just before the final CTA.

wireframe software company website design

Mobile friendly. With over 52% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, it was crucial to provide a consistent user experience across devices.

styleguide software company website design
styleguide software company website design

“Cristiana managed to create a fantastic new online identity for our company. She is proactive, creative and professional. I would highly recommend working with her!”

photo Cecile van Oppen Copper8
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