Conversion optimized website for a B2B software company

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Role: UX & UI designer, Frond-end developer, WordPress developer

Problem: outdated website hurts credibility and lacks essential information

Zenz Technologies, an Amsterdam based software company that builds customized advanced decision support systems solutions, had a major problem. Their outdated website that hasn’t been touched in years made it impossible for visitors to find any useful information about their services and company and was hurting their credibility and slowing their growth. A lack of mobile support further added to the user experience problems.

Objective: Information rich content presented in a modern, responsive website

To turn the website around, I refined the existing logo and brand colors, added images that show the product in use, added testimonial and top clients sections to increase user trust and designed a brand new content structure to make content easy to find.


Process: discovering user goals, wireframing, prototyping and visual design

Wireframing and visual design. A website can only be successful if it contains information that addresses customer questions and needs. Starting the design process with wireframes allows focus on the content instead of visual design. After the basic structure was set in place, I explored color and typography options

styleguide software company website design

Refining the user flow. A good user flow progressively builds user trust and encourages conversions by anticipating potential questions, painpoints and providing social proof just before the final CTA.

wireframe software company website design

Mobile friendly. With over 52% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, it was crucial to provide a consistent user experience across devices.

styleguide software company website design
styleguide software company website design

“We were in an urgent need of a new website and could really use some help with that. Although we had a bit of an idea of what the website should look like, Cristiana really challenged us on our ideas and came up with something great that we would not have come up with ourselves. The end-product is a nice-looking, flexible and SEO-ready professional website.”

Timo van Donselaar Zenz Technologies
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