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How to build a brand style guide that works

Most companies today don’t have a brand style guide. That’s a real shame because they can be really useful in keeping a brand consistent, professional looking and saving time in the long run. Here are some best practices, examples and ways to get started creating one.


How to effectively use testimonials in your business website

The truth is that what people say about your company is worth more than anything you can say about it. Using testimonials throughout your business website is a great way to create trust, improve your sales and grow your business. Here ‘s how to get the most out of your client testimonials.


How to keep your WordPress business website secure

Running your business website on WordPress has many benefits – it’s easy to customize, cheap to maintain and easy to use. But, by powering over 25% of the websites online, Wordpress also makes for a fairly large hacking target. Here’s how to keep your website safe.


Best 5 design books I read in 2016

This year I really doubled-down on my reading, going through over 30 design books. These are the books that influenced…