new painting: cherry blossom (spring)

Just in time for the new spring season, I finished a new painting!

spring cherry blossom  painting

spring cherry blossom painting

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a simple approach to responsive web design

Making your website responsive can seem a daunting task, but it turns out that once you get started, responsive web design is actually a pretty simple concept that’s also easy to implement.

And it can totally be done without ever touching any mobile frameworks, responsive grids, user agent sniffing scripts, javascript hacks, redirects or using funny math for column widths (no 33,63636363%s) or rewriting your entire code.

All that’s needed are some well placed media-queries and a bit of common sense. That’s how I made my whole website responsive and I’ve showcased the process in a small and easy tutorial below.

the very simple responsive web design tutorial

To illustrate how simple making your website responsive really is, I’m going to show you the process I took to turn the homepage of my website responsive, focusing on the header area. To see how I made the rest of my website responsive, you can just peek in the source code of various pages to see how I handled multicolumn pages, forms and more.

But for now, let’s start simple, with the header area.

mobile screen1


designing the new PandaWebStudio website

some background info

PandaWebStudio is the website of my sister, Anda. She’s a professional developer, doing programming work in all sorts of languages (PHP, JavaScript, python), libraries, frameworks and APIs. I designed her old website a few years ago, but we decided it needed a refresh.

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fine realty: building a real estate website on wordpress

The Fine Realty website is finally online and I thought it would be intersting to share some of the behind the scenes work that went on.

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learning web design on your own: getting started

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am a self-taught web designer and I often get messages from people who want to change careers or just want to get started web design industry don’t know how exactly how to do that or what sort of knowledge is required from a web designer today.

There are so many great resources available on the internet that it seems to be quite a daunting task telling apart the good from the bad and what’s the proper place and order to get started. I hope this guide will help with that.


corporate text styles

corporate text styles

From the Fireworks CS6 default Styles panel. Ha, the one with the glowing blue outline is particularly fetching.

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new painting: red rose

I finished a new painting this week!

I was stuck with it for a while because couldn’t get the shade of red to pop out the way I wanted so I was just redoing it over and over again. Eventually it came to me that maybe I should work on making the background darker instead and leave the rose alone for a while. Here are some shots of the work in progress:

red rose reflected oil painting - progress

the rose painting at different stages

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dribbble invite giveaway (finished)

I have my hands on 2 dribbble invites I want to give away to two awesome designers! (If you don’t know what dribbble is, then this is not the post for you).

dribbble invites givaway

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