about me.

Hello, I’m Cristiana Bardeanu. I design and build interfaces for websites, mobile apps and web applications.

I like to design immersive and memorable experiences that are also clear and easy to navigate, regardless of screen size. I’m quite fond of strong colors and textures, but I try to use a wide range of visual styles to always match the tone of the project I’m working on.

I also do quite a bit of coding, from front-end coding (CSS/HTML/js) to large custom WordPress websites. I like to keep my code clean and tidy and make sure it’s as future proof as possible and easy to build on.

In my time off I paint and take lots photos. I also try to stay as active as I can (freelancing ain’t exactly healthy) so I bike around Amsterdam as often the dutch weather allows it, play tennis and explore the canals with my new kayak. I also very much suck at longboarding, but keep trying nevertheless.

Ever since I was little I had a strong interest in visual arts and was also curious to learn how stuff works (I broke more toys that way than I can remember). So I guess it makes sense that I’m completely self-taught in most of the things I do (design, coding, painting, photography).

Originally from Romania, I now live in Amsterdam with my lovely husband Eric and our two crazy cats Pisu and Kiki.

In my 10+ years freelancing career I've worked with hundreds of people for all over the world (really, USA, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Barbados, you name it). Here’s what some of them had to say...

  • “I've worked with Cristiana regularly for the past 9-10 years; so when it came time to design a website for my side project - my winery - I was thrilled to be able to work with her again. She is a master with color and texture. Her designs are nuanced, rich and layered- a lot like a fine wine. She's a painter with a strong knowledge of the unique UI needs a web interface has- the best of both worlds.

    I'm a designer by trade, yet I hired Cristiana to design my own business' website. That's how good she is."

    ~ John Benedetti Sante Arcangeli Family Wines and Iluminada Design
  • "Cristiana has been fantastic to work with! She has been able to design a site for us that does everything we wanted functionally and used her creativity to design a site that is easy to navigate and fantastic to look at."

    ~ Derek Falk Falk Custom Adventures
  • "Cristiana delivered a home page with several additional pages that were beautiful, worked great and finished it in a timely manner. We will definitely be using her services again."

    ~ Dave Miller Portfolio Pathway, LLC
  • "I've used Cristiana to create accesslegal.ie, a custom Wordpress design that was focused on increasing engagement on the homepage. We decided that customer endorsements and clear calls to action were a priority and I was highly impressed with the results.

    I found her to be extremely helpful and would highly recommend her."

    ~ John Gleeson Access Legal
  • "We are very happy with your design, and we love the combination of creativity and corporate professionalism that the page shows."

    ~ Ankur Patel Motovac Group
  • "High quality, creative designs, delivered on time with clear communication. Very pleased with the project & look forward to working with Cristiana again."

    ~ Edith Karnitsch Terranetwork
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